"I love a girl with no product in her hair
Know to roll up the tree and blow it in the air
Skin is black with a bad attitude
And If she is pro-black “I am not mad at you”
She gimme the look while she’s reading her book
Morrison, Hurston, Butler, hooks
CD player Coltrane on deck Miles next
Keep a nigga in check she at the MET, MoMA
The moment I see her we are vexed
We are blessed
We can agree, indeed, we have sex
We got next, we digress, my Nigress
We got next, we digress, my Nigress
My queen"

Morrison Hurston Butler hooks - THEESatisfaction (via marcusgarveymedallion)


Amazing body art by Emmy Fay and Guido Daniele

via: boredpanda



Band-aid that goes through chemical changes to match your skintone

they look so happy about having suffered minor wounds to the face


Alex Kanevsky - Selected Works (2006-2014)